EHT Amaranth Grain of the Gods: Secondary Price Crazy, Value? Read the Review…

There are so few actual reviews on this from real people… some BS reviews from people who got free samples and others that tasted them at events… here is a real review.

Bottle looks great… obviously…  Color looks amber beauty.

Nose…. sweet, not hot at all… Necco wafers coming in strong, with subtle ginger snaps, elderflower, licorice laced with a heavy cream undertone.

Mouthfeel is enjoyable, but not complex.  Getting those same flavors on the tongue, but the finish is quicker than I expected and leaves me wanting more.

It’s a fun whiskey, it’s enjoyable, but this wasn’t a game changer.  Amaranth is an enjoyable flavoring grain, but this is not one to open.  Try this at a bar, please do not open your bottle.  It is currently trading around $700 on secondary and for a collectible, who knows if that’s the right price… as a drinker, it clearly is not.  85/100

Old Taylor Castle Decanter Dusty


Package arrived a couple days ago and when I opened it I could smell Bourbon… never a good sign. Either something broke or leaked. This one was a leaker. Old Taylor Distillery Company decanter with tax seal intact from around 1970 and age stated four years. I carefully opened it and the pour was only three and a half ounces—85% had evaporated.  On the positive side, the seller was fair and we agreed to a refund of around 75% to make up for it… most people in the Bourbon world are good and want to do the right thing, this was a good example of that.

Well… on to the review…

Really dark, not in a good way opaque and cloudy.

Musty basement, wet candy corn, stale graham crackers and chewed pencil. No heat.

Taste is actually better with decent spices and caramel coming through initially with a tickling mouthfeel. It does drop off a little bitter after a minute. There is a touch of enjoyable heat in the chest.

I was excited to buy this and try it but disappointed when it came mostly leaked, but it did force me to open it right away. Decanters are hit and miss in my experience. This one isn’t that bad, but nothing to seek out. 80/100.  (I’ll trade/sell you a sample if you want, I still have 2oz left sealed in glass)

Shame on You: Ehrlich’s Wine & Spirits


I was meeting a friend on the Upper West Side the other evening, and as I typically do when going to a place I haven’t been in a while, I’ll stop into the liquor stores on the way.  In Manhattan there are plenty of offenders of price gouging, but I want to highlight the dumbest and most egregious of them: Ehrlich’s Wine & Spirits on the corner of Amsterdam Ave & 70th St.

How can you with a straight face price CEHT Small Batch @ $199.99, and be so happy about it that you created a special sign for it?  This is a $40-$50 bottle at best, the least desirable of the CEHT series, and not even as good as the bottles around it which have been priced significantly less.

They had a couple bottles that I was interested in, but of course those were way overpriced and the manager/owner was a complete tool about them and unwilling to negotiate to a reasonable price.

So… Ehrlich’s… be ashamed of yourself for price gouging but more importantly, dumb price gauging.