Woodford Master’s Collection Batch Proof


Ok…. not sure if Cask strength warrants being an annual special release but I’ll try it anyway.  I also realize that I’ve been accused of being extremely negative recently… I can’t help if I’ve been reviewing or posting about stuff that I don’t like in a row.  Hopefully soon I’ll try something new that I really like.

Bottle looks good and color is attractive.

Cherry wood notes with graham crackers, Twix, dried peach pits, cinnamon sticks and marshmellows. Pretty soft nose for a 125 Proof bourbon.

Decent heat. Enjoyable mouthfeel. Finish is medium. Although nothing special is jumping out. Everything is above average here but not too much above average.

It’s an enjoyable Whiskey. I paid $139.99 for it and I’m pretty confident stating that it’s not worth that.  Every release from ECBP and Barrell Bourbon have been more enjoyable and cost almost half of this. I realize this is a limited release, but everything these days feels like a limited release. Let’s be clear, it is enjoyable and I recommend you get a dram at a bar to try it, but I don’t think it’s anything special that you need to buy a whole bottle. 85/100

Old Forester 1920, Very Good, Not Great.

Old Forester has been coming out with some special Whiskey Row editions and this is their highest proof to date. Not sure what Prohibition Style means, but it’s clearly just marketing… On to the review.

The color is awesome: nice dark amber. When I first opened the bottle the nose was a little musty, and it was a little disappointing. But I know from experience that a lot of great bottles just need a little air. After a few hours aromas of cinnamon, all spice, cloves, stewed sugar beets and charcoal come through.  There still is that mushroomy musty background noise that was more prevalent when I first opened the bottle.  That smell comes through far stronger in the OFBB editions, but still getting some here too.

The taste is enjoyable. There is some nice spicy flavors coming through and an enjoyable heat. There are some good tannins but the mouthfeel is slightly lacking as the oils have been stripped out, most likely from chill filtering which is too bad for a 115 proof whiskey. For this level of proof, I want something unfiltered, but this clearly is and really misses the mark on this important nuance.  The best part of this whiskey is the finish goes on for a long time continuing the nice spicy flavors.

I added some water to see what would happen.  The nose is diminished, and the palate isn’t improved. I wouldn’t recommend adding water for those who can handle 115 proof.

I’ve read some incredible reviews on this bourbon. This is a very good bourbon. Enjoyable nose, palate and long finish. But it doesn’t quite hit the exceptional level. For $59.99, which is what I paid, it’s worth buying, but after this bottle is gone I don’t think I will be replacing it. 90/100.