Oak & Barrel 57th Street NYC… Booo!

Everything worth buying 20-100% above secondary prices… complete joke.  Staff is pretty obnoxious about it too… they know they have good stuff and seem to rather just keep it and make fun of you rather than sell it at secondary prices.

One thought on “Oak & Barrel 57th Street NYC… Booo!

  1. I agree, I remember a few years back when prices were pretty much on point.
    About four years ago prices have gotten seriously out of line. They also seem
    to not care if you buy any scotch or bourbon from them, or if you give them any
    business at all. I kinda feel guilty for telling them Year’s back about my PortEllen
    and brora stash. Oh well, if they wanna close down soon let them keep up with
    those price hikes.


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