Hidden Gem or Obnoxiously Priced? Lynn, MA

Lynnway Liquor at 702 Lynnway in Lynn, MA 01905.

Take a look at some of these bottles… total unicorns, but the prices are way above secondary.  The owner wasn’t in to discuss, but his employees were pretty obnoxious and misinformed about them.  On the other side, maybe they were just the owner’s collection and he was showing off.

On the main shelf had quite a few good things at reasonable prices including Stagg Jr under $50 (most of MA has great deals on Stagg Jr for some reason), Jos. Magnus, Barrell Bourbon…  But in the cabinet along with some unicorns was Michters 10… they also overpriced Weller…


When I peered into the owners office and saw three bottles of Weller CYPB.  Three!  The employee was pretty annoying about it, wouldn’t call the owner.. there was also a ton of EHT Barrel Proof and some other stuff.  Always annoying.

Anyway… If I’m ever up there again I will stop by this store and hope the owner is in to talk… but I’m not paying 5k for some old Black Maple Hill nonsense…

5 thoughts on “Hidden Gem or Obnoxiously Priced? Lynn, MA

  1. Dear self entitled writer, can I go looking around in you bedroom? I understand you offered us this look around in your house, but I really want to peak around in your personal space and see what all you got in your PRIVATE space


  2. youre welcome, I love reading people whining and complaining about prices, and it was particularly enjoyable seeing you felt entitled to look into their office, which seems you have done in other places since you wrote “Always Annoying”… maybe you was referencing bugging under paid employees to call a manger for your personal wants again entitled asking for something that obviously wasn’t for sale…


    • Not really sure why we’re seeing the hostile response when he raises valid points. When price differentiation is so disparate across product lines, it’s more than fair that he ask a few questions. The bourbon community tends to be a friendly lot. If he’s striking up friendly conversation about bottles and is clearly interested in high end products, I don’t think a call to a manager is a terrible ask.


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