Old Overholt Straight Rye Whiskey 80 Proof

Old Overholt is an historic rye brand dating back over two hundred years. I’ve seen prohibition bottles going for over 1k each at auction. Not sure what happened to the brand over the years but now it’s relegated to the bottom shelf and Manhattan mixers only. I’ve actually never tried it straight before, so I thought I would give it the Glen Cairn glass treatment.

Light yellowish coloring, most likely not all new charred oak barrels and representative of only three years in barrel.

Sweet and spicy nose but very one dimensional. Very little heat.

Easy to drink, goes down easily, but doesn’t have a ton there. Very little heat which is nice for a young rye but it’s also lacking in depth. Short finish, but not unpleasant.

This is a rye that I bought for $13.99 and can register no complaints. I probably won’t be drinking it straight ever again, but I prefer this to most of the new “craft” ryes that are aged for very short periods of time in small barrels and possibly from locally sourced, organic, free range, sustainable ryes…  This is definitely one to keep on the bar for mixers as at this price, it’s a great value. 81/100.



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