Barrell Rum Batch 001: 7yr Jamaican Pot Still Rum

I’ve been on a little bit of a rum kick recently… My favorite thus far has been the Balcones Rum Special Reserve, while I’ve had plenty of bad ones.  The bad ones are overly sweet, and are completely undrinkable alone but only acceptable drowned in a sugary cocktail with possibly an umbrella.  It is the rare rum that is good enough to sip in a Glen Cairn glass… I think I just found the second one.

This one is a Jamaican pot still rum aged 7yrs and then finished in Barrell Bourbon Bourbon barrels.  Bottled at a steep 134.73 proof and has a nice light amber color.

The nose has brown sugar, tropical fruits, fresh mint, a hint of licorice, applewood lumps, a touch of cut grass and dried coconut shavings.  Not too much heat on the nose, surprising for such a high proof rum.

It tastes great.  The mouthfeel is extremely complex, completely coating the tongue and goes down the throat with a very warm and long finish.  When I first opened the bottle, it was little hotter than the typical Barrell Craft Spirits, but still good.  After the bottle had been open for a week the excess heat went away leaving a much more mellow and enjoyable finish.

I’m pretty excited to have scored a bottle of this given how extremely limited the release is.  You can use it in a cocktail if you want, but for me it’s a sipper.  Either way, enjoy it if you are able to find it!  95/100.


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