Christmas Stocking Stuffer Alert! Fred Minnick’s New Book

There are a ton of new bourbon books out there in the last couple years… most of them either rehash previous stories, or are bad tasting books.  Every once in a while a really good book comes out that has new material, written well, and is worthy of a spot on my bookshelf.  Bourbon: The Rise, Fall and Rebirth and an American Whiskey, by Fred Minick, is the newest book that fits these requirements.  For everyone who is looking for that great gift for their bourbon lover, and you don’t want to buy them BTAC, this is a great choice.

Minnicks’s book travels back to the beginning of bourbon, but doesn’t rehash the b.s. stories that marketing departments have tried to convince us are gospel.  He goes into primary sources to report the facts instead of just repeating what you can see on wikipedia.  From the writing it is also clear that Minnick just doesn’t know a lot about bourbon, but drinks a lot of it too.  His expertise comes through in a non-pretentious fashion throughout the book making it perfect for both the so-called bourbon expert, as well as the neophyte.

I can’t recommend this book enough for your Xmas stocking stuffer.  Fred… if you are reading this, I’d love to do a quick phone interview with you if you have time in the near future.  Thanks!



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