Old Fitzgerald Bottled in Bond

Sometimes when you go on vacation and forget to bring any good bourbon, you just buy the best thing the local store has. I’ve been on a lower shelf kick recently and I’ve never actually tried this one so the stars aligned for me to review this for you today.

Old Fitzgerald is an iconic brand which back in the day was produced by the Stitzel-Weller Distillery but now is in the Heaven Hill stable of brands. This is a wheated bourbon and one of the cheapest ones out there–I paid $18 for it.

Hot yet sweet nose: oak, almonds, vanilla and cloves. Secondary notes of baked bread and caramel. In the very back I get some nail polish and car seat, just enough to not want you to stick your nose in the glass too deep.

The palate is more enjoyable than I expected, but not over the top. The taste is less hot than I anticipated and the mouthfeel is fairly enjoyable but the taste wasn’t as good as the nose. Some spicy notes are there but the sweet and complex flavors are lacking. The finish is moderate.

For $18 it’s hard to argue that it’s a bad deal but it’s certainly not going to knock your socks off either. I’m certainly going to drink this down over the next year or so but it won’t be my first or even fourth dram of the night…  It’s like a common Pokemon lingering around… you still are going to catch it and enjoy it, but you aren’t going to be too excited about it either. 86/100.

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