Shame! Shame! NYC Central Cellars Wine & Spirits Shame!

One of my big peeves is egregiously overcharging for whiskey (defined by significantly over secondary prices).  It’s just so annoying and I avoid those stores.  Today’s example is the new store that just opened in New York City in Grand Central Terminal: Central Cellars Wine & Spirits.  The old place, which also was a rip off, closed a few months ago and they have been working on refurbishing this new store and it just opened this week.

A picture tells a thousand words:


Yes, Pikesville Rye is a great whiskey, but it’s also available and not a limited release.  I was able to pick up a six pack for $52 a bottle, but if someone wants to charge, $60 or even $75, I don’t think that’s a problem.  But at $125, it will not sell and will just be  a constant reminder of what a rip off the store is.

The rent is probably very high, but if you don’t sell anything, you won’t make any money.  I don’t see these guys lasting either and I don’t think we should support them.  Shame on your Central Cellars Wine & Spirits!

Here is my original Pikesville review:

6 thoughts on “Shame! Shame! NYC Central Cellars Wine & Spirits Shame!

  1. This Bourbon is hard to get and is located in few to no other stores in NYC. Damaging blog posts like this cost people their livelihood, and make the blogger look worse than the subject of the blog. Please take this down before social media karma comes and bites you in the butt.


    • AMW, while I appreciate your point of view, I disagree with your statement. This rye (not a bourbon) is neither hard to find, nor is it located in only a few other stores in NYC. There are a couple stores near my office that I despise because they massively overcharge for their whiskey, and even they have it for around $75. I hope this message goes right to the owners and they change their selling strategy, because it will be their sales practices that cost them their livelihood, not my blog. I am a big believer in karma and I hope you are too.


      • LOVE THE ARTICLE! 1 million percent agree! Bourbonvault in New York is selling ORVW for $699 and Lot B $899. These are 2016 bottles lol! Stores that charge above secondary should be FINED or boycotted! Screw any place that tries scam people out of money when msrp is under $100.


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