Jefferson’s Straight Rye Whiskey 10yr UK

I haven’t seen this whiskey in the US for a long time, which I have heard was due to the contract supplier for the Jefferson’s Rye ending their deal abruptly.  So when I saw this available on the shelves on a business trip to London I jumped on it.  700ml instead of 750ml, but everything is the same compared to the US edition.  Cost GBP 50 (approximately $65).

Looks great in the bottle, the classic Jefferson’s shape, a nice medium amber color.

Candy corn jumps on the nose, cotton candy, rock candy, just a complete sweet tooth.  Reminds me very much of a lot of some of the Whistle Pigs or Canadian rye’s I’ve had in the past.

The taste is very smooth, with a nice mouthfeel, with some really nice spicy notes on the follow through.  Lots of that rock candy sweetness, with a solid spicy follow through.  Enjoyable finish.

Gotta say, this is a nice little rye.  Not overly complex, but very enjoyable.  If this was bottled at cask strength it would most likely rate higher with more complexity.  I wish this was more readily available in the US.  92/100.


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