Elmer T. Lee

I probably have gone through more Elmer T Lee in the last year than any other individual bourbon. I always have one open and a few in reserve if possible. It’s harder and harder to find at a reasonable price but when you find it there is a sense of accomplishment.

I want to thank Kappy’s on Cape Cod for having one bottle left for me when I went to visit their store on vacation. The price? $28.99.

I also realized that I have never given ETL a formal review, even though I have mentioned it several times in this blog… No time like the present.

Perfect golden Amber hue that I have come to love, trust and expect.

Butterscotch hard candies, dried orange peels, vanilla and baking spices, honeysuckle and spice loaf cake.

This is the epitome of smooth. Even though it is chill filtered it keeps just enough of the oils and tannins to stay interesting. At 90 proof it warms you but like a gentle afternoon sun with no humidity. This goes down easier than any bourbon I know and begs for another sip.

I love this bourbon. It is probably my favorite non-special release, non-cask strength whiskey on the market. If you can find it at anywhere close to retail, just buy as much as you can because it goes down so smoothly you will be needing a new bottle sooner than you can imagine. 94/100.


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