Barrell Bourbon Batch 008

I’ve reviewed the offerings from Barrell Craft Spirits a few times on this blog and I am consistently impressed by all of their whiskeys.  My preference for whiskey is bourbon, specifically cask strength.  I also love having private single barrels or different batches, where I get to try a new permutation of the distiller or blenders vision each time, instead of exactly the same thing each time.  Every year BTAC comes out with something slightly different and yet still awesome.  The problem is that it’s nearly impossible to get at a reasonable price and paying $500+ a bottle is just not doable for an everyday drinker.  WFE used to be reasonable, but secondary prices on the good ones have skyrocketed.  Even EH Taylor barrel proof is getting hard to find, but I find them to be too hot anyway.  That’s why I love Barrell Bourbon so much: it’s great, it’s cask strength, and it’s available (for now) so you don’t need to pay through the nose in the secondary market and feel bad about drinking it every day.

Now on to BB-8… the newest release and the oldest bourbon they have released thus far.  Classic looking bottle, great dark amber color.

The nose is very complex, with chunky peanut butter, light tobacco leaves, butterscotch, anise, hints of buttered popcorn and some hickory lump charcoal in the background.  Very inviting and not at all hot, especially considering it is 132.8 proof.

Captivatingly smooth, yet still spicy and sharp with some good tannins and clearly a non-chill filtered bottling.  Good oils and weight provide a very long finish and warm follow through.  If I had to guess I would have thought this was closer to 100 proof given the lack of upfront heat.  Very well done.

This is the reason I’m so glad I have found Barrell Bourbon, it saves me to much money by buying these great batches and not overpaying for BTAC or other highly priced, impossibly allocated Bourbons.  Batch 008 gets a solid 95/100.

Can’t wait for batch 009, I heard it’s going to be over 10yrs old!!!!



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