George Dickel Reserve 17

Thanks to for the reason I was able to get this whiskey.  Being a gift shop only release, I was able to trade for a couple of these bad boys online.  Clocking in at 17 years, this is quite a rare release from George Dickel.  Cute little bottle, but $75 list for 375ml is a little steep, especially when it goes for north of $100 in the secondary market.  We’ll see if it’s worth it…

Peanut butter crunch goodness, graham cracker s’mores, vanilla bean, honeydew mellon and bubblegum.  Really nice and enjoyable nose–can definitely tell there is some age on this, but not overly woody.

Surprisingly warm for a 87 proof bourbon, with a mouthfeel that actually hits above it’s weight as well.  Moderate finish, with good chewy palate.

Enjoyable little bourbon, although probably priced a little high.  Certainly worth buying in the gift shop and if you can trade for something that you don’t want… 90/100



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