BTEC Infrared Light Experiment

I’ve tried a lot of Buffalo Trace Experimental Collection bourbons over the years, but I haven’t rated as many as I should have.  I will try to do better about that going forward.  The most recent BTEC release is the infrared light barrel aging experiment.  It’s a higher rye recipe as well, so it’s harder to do an apples to apples comparison vs the standard Buffalo Trace, but I used it as a test subject anyway.  I tasted it after pouring it immediately, then again after an hour and then once more after adding water.

The standard buffalo on the cover Buffalo Trace:

15 minute BTEC: good nose, a touch of peanut butter, wheat thins, raisin bread, decent heat.  The finish is ok, a touch sour, not very complex or interesting.

30 minute BTEC: similar but distinctively different nose, not as much peanut butter, more cedar.  The palate is dryer, but also has that sour note.  Equally disappointing.

After sitting for two hours:

BT Standard: better, more vanilla and cinnamon, more enjoyable.

15m BTEC: baking spices and smoother, nicer finish, it needed the air.

30m BTEC: sweeter nose, enjoyable finish.

After adding several drops of reverse osmosis water:

15m: very floral, perfumed and vanilla, the water really released hidden flavors.

30m: same as the 15m but even more.  Water is the key here.

I’ll be honest, when I first tried this experiment, I did not like it.  But after giving it air and water it really came out.  But I’ll be honest, I couldn’t tell any significant difference between the infrared light treatment or not.  Just another solid whiskey from Buffalo Trace.  I don’t think it’s worth investing in given the high prices of the BTEC series.  87/100 each.




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