Mellow Corn: Must have for all bars….

I like to drink…

If you are reading this blog, you probably like to drink as well.  There is nothing wrong with enjoying imbibing bourbon, rye, American Whiskey, red wine, white wine, or anything else, in moderation and in a little more than moderation and maybe quite a bit more than moderation.

I’ll be honest, occasionally I drink a little too much.  When I do, I try not to drink my top shelf stuff, in fact I have an entire system about what to drink, and when.  But I have found that there is only one thing to drink when I have had way too much on the very very bottom shelf that still is enjoyable… Mellow Corn.

What’s nuts is that it is REALLY hard to find Mellow Corn.  It’s a bottled in bond corn whiskey, made in America, that costs between $11-$15.  Fucking cheap AND bottled in bond???  Fact.

We all have been in that moment, some of us are there every single night, some of us are there several nights a week, and some of us lie and say we are only drunk a few times a month….  Mellow corn is the perfect drink for once you have already had several drinks.  But for your first drink of the night, it actually is pretty good as well….

Now……… if you are sober, how does it taste?  Great question…..

Light golden straw colored…hot nose as expected, but also sweet toasted, buttered cornbread flavors.  Nice palate, has some good grit and oils, warm all the way down.  It’s not overly complex, but has a good taste and a decent finish.

I can’t believe that there exists a product that is Bottled in Bond, drinkable and only costs around $12.  If price wasn’t a consideration it’s probably mid 80’s at best, but given how cheap it is, it gets a few bonus points.  If you see this in the store: BUY IT.  Thank you Heaven Hill!  90/100.



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