Shame on You: Ehrlich’s Wine & Spirits


I was meeting a friend on the Upper West Side the other evening, and as I typically do when going to a place I haven’t been in a while, I’ll stop into the liquor stores on the way.  In Manhattan there are plenty of offenders of price gouging, but I want to highlight the dumbest and most egregious of them: Ehrlich’s Wine & Spirits on the corner of Amsterdam Ave & 70th St.

How can you with a straight face price CEHT Small Batch @ $199.99, and be so happy about it that you created a special sign for it?  This is a $40-$50 bottle at best, the least desirable of the CEHT series, and not even as good as the bottles around it which have been priced significantly less.

They had a couple bottles that I was interested in, but of course those were way overpriced and the manager/owner was a complete tool about them and unwilling to negotiate to a reasonable price.

So… Ehrlich’s… be ashamed of yourself for price gouging but more importantly, dumb price gauging.


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