007: Bourbon, Barrell Bourbon.

Bond: Do you expect me to talk?          Goldfinger: No,  Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!


Unlike Mr. Bond, I do not prefer shaken vodka martinis; I prefer my bourbon, straight, in a Glencairn glass, with nothing else.  This is precisely the way I enjoyed the newest release from Barrell Bourbon.  I greatly enjoyed the previous two releases: the sherry cask finish of Barrell Whiskey 002, which is in the running for my favorite of the year so far (https://newbourbondrinker.wordpress.com/2016/04/24/barrell-whiskey-002-magical-sherry-cask-finish/), and last year’s Barrell Bourbon Batch 006, which was off the charts (https://newbourbondrinker.wordpress.com/2015/12/29/barrell-bourbon-batch-006-home-run-top-5-of-the-year/).  This is their newest bourbon and also, I believe, their youngest one they have produced to date.  I tend not to prefer younger bourbons, so I had some skepticism, but at the same time I had faith that Joe Beatrice would continue his streak of coming up with extremely high quality products.  I also saw the Fred Minnick blog about it and how it got 98 points in the San Francisco competition: http://www.fredminnick.com/2016/03/23/best-bourbon-unbelievable-best-whisky-upset-san-francisco/

I am trying Barrell Bourbon Batch 007, Bottle # 5762 which clocks in at 122.4 proof and is aged 5 years.  It is cask strength, straight bourbon whiskey distilled in TN and is *not* chilled filtered.

Golden amber hue, definitely lighter than batch 006, but darker than I would have expected for only a 5yr bourbon–maybe it was a very top of the rickhouse one?  I guess we’ll find out on the palate.

Hot, but not too hot on the nose, with creme brulee, butterscotch, tiramisu, Reese Peanut Butter Cups and toffee ice cream.  As you can tell from the photos, I am already halfway done with the bottle and I can tell you that the nose has evolved nicely the longer the bottle has been open.  It mellows very nicely after being open for a couple of days.

Very nice juicy mouthfeel with really good tannins that retain all the flavor from the nose as well.  My skepticism unnecessary because this bourbon keeps going on, with the creme brulee and tiramisu notes evolving after even just one sip.  The heat is enjoyable, but mellowed on the palate vs nose.  The finish is very long.

I gotta give it to these guys at Barrell Bourbon, they have done it again.  If I didn’t know it was a 5yr bourbon, I probably would have guessed it was in the 6-8yr range, just a little more developed than your typical 5yr and extremely drinkable at 61.2% alcohol.  Another really great batch, so be sure to buy a couple extra as once it’s gone, you’ll never get to try the batch again.  I bought two, but I may try to score a third just to keep in the back of the bunker.  (Or hint hint, maybe my wife should buy it for me for Father’s Day: https://www.caskers.com/spirits/whiskey/bourbon/barrell-cask-strength-straight-bourbon-whiskey-batch-007/)  Hey Joe, when is Batch 008 coming out?  95/100.


Best Bourbon: The Unbelievable ‘Best Whisky’ Upset in ’16 San Francisco World Spirits Competition




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