Blanton’s Straight from the Barrel

I’ve been a big fan of Blanton’s for a long time and my major complaint was the low proof. After consulting Google I realized that they did have a barrel proof product, but unfortunately it was only for overseas.  Thank goodness for, because without them I would never be able to get it. For about $100 including shipping I was able to get it sent to my front door…  Not bad for a tough to find cask strength bourbon.

This was dumped on 1/13/2015 from barrel number 484 from warehouse H in Rick #12. It’s 70cl and bottled at 130.6 proof. The claim is unfiltered, uncut and bottled straight from the barrel.

Pretty honey amber color.

Spicy nose of green pepper corns, toasted corn bread, red Twizzlers, creme brûlée and salted butter on cinnamon raisin toast. Given the high proof, surprised how little heat there is on the nose.

Spiciness continues on the palate with a warmth the comes in waves. The mouthfeel is delightful with some coarse complexity while the burn is so mellow for this high degree of abv. The finish is very enjoyable.

Why this is only available overseas is baffling to me. This is one helluva bourbon. If you like barrel strength and Blanton’s, the you will love this one. 94/100




5 thoughts on “Blanton’s Straight from the Barrel

  1. […] Straight from the Bottle The biggest proofed older brother of the four, this bottle clocking in at 130.6 proof.  This one is by far the most enjoyable, complex and award worthy of the four. Adding a couple drops of water rounds it out a little removing some of the sharp edges, but I actually enjoy those edges so it’s a judgement call. Spicy and sweet and powerful all in one. But I’m biased towards high proof, non chill filtered bourbons like this one. I’ve heard people say they if you can’t afford BTAC to pick this one up instead. I don’t think it’s quite gets to the BTAC level, but it is a very good offering from our friends at Buffalo Trace. It’s just annoying that they don’t offer it here in the US.  94/100  Original Review: […]


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