Jackson Hole Vacation Wyoming Whiskey

I’m in Jackson Hole for the weekend to ski and picked up a bottle of Wyoming Whiskey at the local liquor store. I’m always a fan of supporting local craft producers, which is why I also picked up a bunch of Snake River Pako’s IPA.

Wyoming Whiskey is a small batch bourbon whiskey distilled, barreled and bottled in Kirby, WY. It is bottled at 88 proof and comes in a nice looking bottle with the interlocking double W logo. This bottle is from batch 31 and was bottled on 9/28/2015 and had no age statement.

Light amber color, looks around 4 years old.

The nose is very mild, nothing overpowering.  It has notes of baked bread, butterscotch and menthol.  The finish is basically nonexistent, and feels thin with a boring mouthfeel.

It seems like this bourbon wants to be Maker’s Mark, but costs more and is not as good. So if you are in Wyoming and want to support the local craft guys, go ahead and buy it. But if you are anywhere else in the world, save your money and just buy Makers. 83/100.

Post Script:  I looked into this whiskey after doing the tasting, and it turns out that the distiller previously worked at Maker’s Mark.  I’m being completely honest in saying that I did not know this before I wrote the review above, but it makes total sense that it smells and tastes like a wheated bourbon in the Maker’s style, because it is made by someone who was trained there.  I’m excited to try this brand again in another few years after they have some more experience, more aging and hopefully a more interesting product.



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