Willett Bourbon WFE 11yr #1631 & C18D

Another gift shop purchase, this one brought back from a close friend of mine who was visiting a few months ago. I finally decided to open it a couple weeks ago when I was trying #438 and #9622. It is another 11yr Bourbon bottled at cask strength, 123.6 proof.

Everything Willett sells looks awesome in the bottle and this is no exception. Dark amber with burnt orange hues in the glass.

Underpowered nose with a bit of heat. After reaching deep I’m getting cloves, fresh ginger, white pepper. Compared to the last couple single barrels, this one doesn’t appear to be in the same league.

The mouthfeel initially is more pleasant than expected, with nice oils and well integrated tannis from the non-chill filtered. This bourbon treats you better when you hold it in your mouth for a while rather than quickly swallowing. The clove and wood flavors are good but not as enjoyable as the last few WFEs, yet the mouthfeel and grip almost make up for it. The heat is stronger than the last few as well but well within the acceptable range.

#1631 is a solid release from Willett but certainly will not be entered in the Hall of Fame. The mouthfeel and grip are the most enjoyable parts of it and I continue to appreciate producers who release unique batched cask strength Bourbons and I look forward to trying another one. 88/100.

If anyone has some older single barrels and is looking to trade samples, please reach out to me on Twitter and I’d like to trade.



PS… I was in DC a couple weeks ago for business and tried this one. I was drunk and not in the proper mode to accurately rate it but I would say it safely rates in the 96-99 range… I may have to go back and try it again. Willett C18D.




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