Boycott this Store in DC

I legitimately hate this store in DC: Wine & Liquors at 1 West Dupont Circle 2012 P St NW Washington, DC.

I love capitalism and charging market rates is something that should be embraced and if everything was priced at market rates, the reliance on the secondary market would be diminished and prices for average person would be lower–simple Econ 101 (don’t tell Bernie Sanders!). Unfortunately we have a lot of silly laws in our country that go back to the prohibition era preventing an efficient market.

Most people who read this blog are used to bourbon hunting and trying to find the deal or the BTAC for the actual retail price… Although I haven’t given up on hunting, and I do still try and occasionally find a steal, the opportunity set these days is substantially smaller.  Most of the time I have built relationships with store owners and managers with which I do a lot of business, and they hook me up.  They still charge me more than the MSRP, but generally less than the bottle-spot prices.  I then either drink it or if I buy multiples, use them to trade for other bottles through friends or on bottle-spot that I haven’t been able to find.

This store however, charges way above any online or bottle-spot pricing I have ever seen.  What’s so infuriating is that they have everything that I want! If they were charging market or even a little bit above market rates, I would be fine with that.  But they are basically taking the highest price online and doubling it.  Please do not buy anything from these a-holes and hopefully they will go out of business and be forced to liquidate all their inventory on bottle-spot at market levels.  I would be happy to sell you anything from my collection at less than they are charging, just to ensure that they don’t make a penny.

They also are quite obnoxious in the store.  Just take a look at the prices from the photos and you will know exactly what I mean.  Sazerac (baby) $80… Heady Topper $30 a can…$129.99 for Bourbon Country Rye…. $299.99 for the BCBC Rare…. $29.99 for a single bottle of KBS… don’t even get me started on their Pappy, ORVW well north of $500–they are too embarrassed to put a price tag on it.





8 thoughts on “Boycott this Store in DC

  1. I’m just like you. I don’t hunt as much as rely on my status as a regular to get some harder to find stuff. I usually pay a bit over MSRP but less than secondary so we all feel like we’ve won. These prices are obscene though. Not cool at all.


    • I actually am not making that assumption… I am assuming they are buying a lot of them secondary… I mean who could get several EH Taylor Tornado’s? And you can’t get Heady Topper there…


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