Party Drink #2 Woodford Double Oak: Candy & Spice and Everything Nice

Dram number two from the birthday party a couple weeks ago….

I’m trying to do no carbs and all there is to eat is pizza, crackers, cake and ice cream, so more bourbon I will go. I’m also missing most of the Giants game and it looks like they may actually win this one.

Medium dark amber

Classic caramel and butterscotch candy on the nose, admittedly a cliche descriptor, but perhaps that’s exactly the profile Brown-Forman was going for. Not a complex nose, but extremely likable.

The palate is initially rich with a nice spice that I missed on the nose. The mouthfeel is not coating, indicating it was probably filtered, losing some of the complexity and deeper flavors. The finish is medium. I bet this was a lot better before this was filtered and diluted.

You know what… This is enjoyable. It’s kind of like a Top 40 song that is overplayed on Z100… You want to hate it but it’s enjoyable.  It’s really like birthday cake at a one year olds party: tasty and you’ll always like it, but there are so many better options out there…. I wouldn’t have this one on my bar either, but if you are at a kids party and there are no other options, it’s better than complete boredom.  86/100.


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