Templeton Rye… children’s birthday drink #1

Never tried this one before and I was at my nephews first birthday party so I thought I’d try a dram of Templeton’s out of my sister’s Apollo 12 cup (our great uncle was an astronaut on that Apollo mission).

Light amber color.

Menthol, licorice, cotton candy, basil on the nose.

Sweet on palate, warmer than expected for 40% abv. Mouthfeel is ok, finish is muted.

With a touch of water added the nose loses some of the harsh tones and softens up, but keeps the herbaceousness.  The water softens the palate as well.

With all the drama on this product, I don’t care too much if MPG makes it or whoever. This tastes pretty young and it’s ok, but I’d rather use this as a mixer than straight.  Ultimately the product isn’t spectacular, so I won’t be adding it to my collection… why is everybody so up in arms about a below average drink?   Who cares.   82/100.




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