Jefferson’s Presidential Select Bourbon 25yr

Jefferson’s Presidential Select Straight Bourbon Whiskey 25 years 45.2%

Batch 2, bottle number 0170

Another bottle-spot trade and my first JPS ever–clearly excited and doing my best to avoid the chance of disappointment. My enthusiasm is tempered by my string of disappointments for 20+ year bourbons, so we shall see…

Nice golden dark amber color in the glass….

Nose has a nice combination of both sweet and earthy tones: autumnal leaves, pumpkin bread, roasted mushrooms, touch of licorice and old wood scraps and saw dust on a workbench.  After being open for several hours some subtle orange peal notes come through as well as floral tones.

Although there is definitely some good wood on this bourbon, it does not overpower the experience, allowing the other flavored to just squeak through. There is some spice on the back of the palate and it’s a very smooth pour with almost no heat. The biggest knock on this one is the mouthfeel. I’m pretty sure it was filtered, which probably removed some of the tannins and probably some of the extra woodiness, but it also removed some of the oils and tannins that take something like this to the next level. Also at only 90.4 proof, it’s perhaps too smooth because of the low alcohol. The finish is long and enjoyable but not quite to the level as I would have hoped.

I will never know what this would have tasted like if the master blender decided to either not filter it or bottle at cask strength. Perhaps this was a better product and straight out of the barrel it was too woody, too tannic, just not good enough? Maybe this was the best expression?  Maybe. Or maybe it would have been epic?  Either way, this is a very enjoyable bourbon, but doesn’t hit the upper echelons for me and certainly not worth the prices some people are charging. 92.5/100




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