24 Hours in DC: Indian Whiskey / Jack Rose / BTAC / Offensive Retailers… all in one blog

So… I went to DC Sunday night through Monday for business, but I managed to fit in a little bit of whiskey fun while I was there…

First up I had a client dinner at an Indian retaurant… the client was late so I figured I would order up some Indian Whiskey and do a casual review:

Indian Whiskeys…. When in Rasika in DC, why not?

Amrut Fusion has a young nose, hint of pettiness, very scotch like, straw and hay and a quick smooth finish. Nice burn, but unlike what Jim Murray says, this one doesn’t blow me away. 86/100

However, the Amrut Single Malt Cask strength has an incredible mouthfeel, so much so that you want to hold it in your mouth for a long long time. Candied apple, passion fruit and bananas on the nose. This is an awesome whiskey. Definitely not chill filtered on this one as the oils really work well into the mouth and has a very long finish.  I would buy this one for my cabinet if I saw it at a good price at my home store.  93/100

I was not drunk at this point of the evening, and the client was REALLY late, so I had a good amount of time to think about these…

However the rest of the night I was unable to give either quantitative or qualitative reviews due to my level of intoxication.

I then decided to go to Jack Rose to continue the evening.  I was willing to give the bar another shot after my last experience which was extremely poor.  It was a Sunday night and extremely slow for them, and I will say, the service that night was excellent.  They were attentive, knowledgeable and polite.  Very different from last time… maybe they just need to increase their staffing during their busy time?  I don’t know… but I will tell you I had an awesome time.  My first order:


BOOM! Go big or go home.  An ounce of each… $25 a pour, which is basically below the secondary market prices, so go for it!  I am unable to give a grade on these outside of: YUUUMMMMY!  One day I will do better than that, and actually dissect them appropriately, but until then, I can just say they were awesome.  The Weller was my favorite and one of the best whiskeys I’ve ever had, Saz was second and ER17 came in third.

And of course, no night at Jack Rose is complete without some sort of Pappy… so we went for the Old Rip.  I also ordered a Scotch Egg, which was delicious 🙂


The night was awesome.  Monday was full of meetings and all sort of professional stuff with which  I will not bore any of you.

Before I caught an Uber to the airport, I thought I’d do a little hunting in some local liquor stores, and I thought I hit the jackpot when I walked by a store called Barmy Wines & Liquor.  In the window I saw a unicorn… EH Taylor Tornado Survivor!  Two of them!  And then a Jefferson’s Presidential 25, and then a George T. Stagg, no, 4 of them, and a Weller, and a Pappy 20… holy shit!  Then I asked the prices… insane.  Stagg was $800, Tornado was $1k, Jefferson 25 was $500, Pappy 20 was 3k… All well above Bottle-Spot or Craigslist prices.  Annoying… so I went to their regular selection.  This is where I took some serious offense: Elmer T Lee @ $99.99, Stagg Jr @ $149.99, Barrell Bourbon @ $99.99… come on!  Elmer @ $100!!!  These guys were fully stocked and for good reason: no one would ever pay these prices.  Anyway, if you are in DC, boycottt this store.  I came up completely empty on my 20 minute hunt, but if anyone has any suggestions on places to hunt next time, let me know.



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