Old Grand-Dad 114: Rugged Must Own Bourbon (Better Than Crown)

The word smooth has been considered a lazy word to use when describing a whiskey. “Ooooohhh that’s so smooth” gets passed around quite a bit and I’m just as guilty as the next. Smooth has become a cliche compliment to a well made and properly aged whiskey, the opposite of all the shots of garbage we threw back in college: “uuugggggg the burn.”  So it comes a time when the word smooth is to be challenged as the prerequisite hurdle of a well made whiskey. I think I have found the perfect example in OGD114.

Old Grand-Dad 114 is 57% abv Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey made from a high rye mash bill in Claremont, KY by Beam Suntory.

Medium amber slightly dulled.

The nose is extremely spicy with cracked pepper, raisin bran and fresh ginger snap cookies. The high mash bill really shows up in the nose in a very enjoyable way.

The spice from the rye really kicks in up front while ginger and peanut butter cup coat the rest of the palate. This is an aggressive and sharp and jagged bourbon that is so enjoyable.  The rough edges of spiciness is what makes this bourbon takes so good. The mouthfeel is thick and big and the higher proof really keeps the finish going.

Old Grand-Dad 114 is one of those bourbons that if you can find for $25 like I did, you should buy two and feel lucky–I did. Finding a barrel proof bourbon that tastes this good under $30 is almost impossible to find these days and OGD has been doing it for a long time. It gets an extra couple points for the price, but I’m sure they would still sell out if they charged $40-$50.  This is a must own.  94/100

I will be rating the Crown Royal soon… I’ve opened it and am working through the review.. but… spoiler alert… if you want a $30 or less high rye whiskey… this is a better choice!




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