Garrison Brothers Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey: Another great drink!

Garrison Brothers Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey 2yr

Another corn whiskey from Texas and this one is just a baby at two years. I bought this one after falling in love with the Cowboy hoping to find the same magic in a bottle at 40% of the price. The photo gives away all the info that you need… I bought the Cowboy three weeks ago and the regular two weeks ago and they both have less than a third left. Actions speak louder than words… In vino veritas.

#1 Panhandle White corn variety
Corn harvested in 2000, distilled and barreled in 2010, released in 2013.
Bottle number 16409, 47% alcohol, born and bred in Hye, Texas.

Dark Amber with tiny charcoal dust floating in the bottle.

The nose is similar to the Cowboy with caramel popcorn, a little butterscotch and some French toast brioche.

The palate is extremely smooth and very enjoyable. It isn’t nearly as big or complex or tannic as the older brother but it is very enjoyable. The finish is long for a sub 100 proof whiskey with a very pleasing mouthfeel.  This doesn’t taste or smell like a two year old whiskey at all… Clearly the Texas weather does something special.

This bourbon is basically a baby brother of the Cowboy with similar characteristics, just not as much. I usually switch to this one after over consuming the Cowboy to save money once I’ve drank too much. It’s a good bourbon on its own, but again suffers from the same high price as the other… but to be fair, they use the highest quality ingredients and are a small producer, so they don’t get the economies of scale that a Buffalo Trace would get.  The products are expensive, but so are the inputs, so it is understandable.  So far everything Garrison Brothers has produced that I have tried has been absolutely top notch.  I am willing to pay for the quality. They should bottle this at barrel proof like the older brother, and would be worth another two points on the grade at least. I can’t wait to try what they come up with next!

If you aren’t trying the products that are coming out of Garrison Brothers you are doing yourself a disservice.




3 thoughts on “Garrison Brothers Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey: Another great drink!

  1. Glad to hear another bourboner who appreciates what Garrison Brother’s Bourbon is producing. I discovered GB two years ago and attended a tasting in Dallas hosted by Dan’s brother Charlie & master distiller Donnis Todd. Three releases were featured… Spring & Fall 2013 plus Fall 2012 as the finale. Enjoyed all three but was totally seduced by the Fall 2012 and proceeded to buy every bottle I could find. Always hoped to get a taste of Original Cowboy and finally last year managed to trade a partial bottle of Parker’s Wheated 10 year for a partial bottle of Cowboy. It was a taste for the ages. Still holding onto the last few drops. So naturally I was anxious for the second Cowboy release. Again I was overjoyed. Hoarding half a dozen bottles. While visiting the distillery in Hye in June 2014, I waxed 3 bottles of single barrel which is special in its own right. GB may well be an acquired taste for bourbon drinkers, but my observation of the ‘Kentuckians’ is they naturally frown on any hint that outsiders can distill exceptional bourbon. They especially miss the fact that age statements for GB should be multiplied by two or more years for barrels basking in the Texas heat versus the Kentucky summers. I tip my hat to Dan, Charlie & Donnis! Through their bourbon and personality, they represent Texas PROUDLY!


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