2015 Four Roses Limited Edition Small Batch Bourbon: Exceeding the Hype

My brother-in-law visited me this weekend and like any good house guest, he was bearing gifts.  He was lucky enough to snag one of these bottles in a local liquor store near Boston and we opened it and enjoyed it over the weekend.  This is my first ever Limited Edition Four Roses, and it’s totally worth every penny.

The 2015 is a mixture of 4 different bourbons, using 3 recipes at unusually high ages: 16 year-old OBSK, 11 year-old OBSV, 15 year-old OESK, and 14 year-old OESK. To compare, the 2014 edition contained 13 year-old OBSV, 12 year-old OESV, 11 year-old OBSF, and 9 year-old OBSK–unfortunately I never got to try that one.  If anyone wants to swap samples, please let me know.

My first limited edition is sadly the last one that legendary Master Distiller Jim Rutledge will produce as he is imminently retiring.

The color is a nice dark amber, as you would expect with a 14 year old, on average, whiskey.

The nose sucks you in the first time you put your face near the Glencairn Glass.  Roasted orange peel, toffee ice cream, pecan pie, cloves, peanut butter cookies.  At 54.3% abv, you barely get a hint of burn on the nose.  You can tell this is an expertly crafted Bourbon.

The taste is what gets you… there is a big spiciness on the palate that resonates throughout the mouth.  The richness of the oils and tannins coat the tongue and deliver the flavors from the nose over and over again.  After the taste the warmth comes in to prove to you that not only does the sweet and spicy flavors exist, the strong backbone remains.  This Bourbon goes on for minutes and the first, second and third time we tasted it, we just smiled and enjoyed it.  Words were unneccesary.  My tasting notes are from the next day when trying it alone, and I got everything from the day before and more.  This Bourbon has one of the longest finishes, with a follow through that Jim Rutledge can be proud of.

I almost didn’t add water to this one, as it was so smooth anyway, but I figured to be thorough I would.  The water makes the experience a little rounder, but doesn’t release any additional flavors.  I prefer it without adding anything.

We were extremely lucky to score this Bourbon for only $120, while I’ve seen it go for 3-5x online.  If you can get it for retail or even 2x retail, you will be happy with this purchase, but given how amazing this is, I’m probably going to try to buy more myself!  This is so freaking good, if you get the opportunity to try it, do not hesitate.  98/100



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