Ezra Brooks Train Decanter Serious Dusty

Ezra Brooks 12 Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon 90 Proof in Train Decanter

I found this recently in my travels and the cork was still in it, but the seal was broken and although I don’t think it was ever opened, I think the cork disintegrated enough so it was exposed to the elements. But…. I figure I would try it anyway. They say alcohol doesn’t go bad, this experiment will test that assertion.

The liquid is cloudy brown. I even decanted this for two weeks, ran it through cheese cloth twice and did everything I could to get the clouds to settle, but they never did. It’s just brown, cloudy and unappealing.

The nose is very faint, almost nonexistent.

The taste… Also nonexistent. You feel a small amount of burn on it, but there is nothing there. It’s like the flavor just disappeared. Very weird.

I’m not even sure if this is safe to drink so I’m going to stop. But it’s boring and worthless. It’s too bad though, because I bet it wasn’t that bad when it was fresh.  1/100

At least I didn’t pay much for it and the train still looks cool…. It gets a one instead of a zero because I am keeping the train, but dumping the whiskey.



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