Single Barrel Bowman Virginia Bourbon: Lovely Bourbon, Perfect for Train Ride Home

A. Smith Bowman: John J. Bowman: Pioneer Spirit, Virginia Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Single Barrel, Copper Still, Triple Distillation, 100 proof.

Very cool bottle. I’ve seen this one on the shelf for a while and I was early for my train home in Grand Central so I decided to stop by this new store that I had never seen before. It’s called Langford Wine Merchant, and it’s in Manhattan on 4 E 43rd Street, between 5th and Madison Avenue.  For proximity to Grand Central Terminal, the prices are fairly reasonable, a thousand times better than the wine/liquor store inside GCT (which by the way, should be shut down for criminal-level pricing). Their bourbon selection is good, but their wine selection is amazing. They have all the on the run classic standards you want to give as gifts to your unoriginal friends, but they also have an unbelievable selection of hard to find small producers from all over the world. I like that they aren’t too pretentious not to carry Caymus, but adventurous enough to stock great values from Slovenia, Greece and all over the world. Definitely check it out, whether it is to bring home, or if you are thirsty for your train ride home.

Anyway… I picked up this bottle because it’s been a long week and I wanted something for the train.

Color is a nice medium Amber.

Nose is sweet with s’mores, nutmeg, ginger snap cookies and butterscotch.  For 50% alcohol, the heat is very subdued on the nose.

The palate is very smooth for a 100 proof bourbon. I wouldn’t even dream of adding water. There is a very nice firm spice that is integrated into the wood tannins resulting in an extended finish. The mouthfeel is so nice, reinforcing my good decision to purchase this bottle.

So it’s no surprise that I really enjoy this bourbon because it was born at Buffalo Trace. Turns out the first two distillations are in Kentucky and the third is in VA where it is aged and then bottled. I read online that this is probably ten years old, although there is not age statement. This is very enjoyable. At at $60, fairly affordable. I think I would prefer it at 107-115 proof, so hopefully they will read this blog and send me a barrel sample soon 🙂  I’m rating this 92/100.



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