Jefferson’s Ocean & Bachelor in Paradise: Both Overhyped Drama

Sunday night at home is Bachelor in Paradise night which means I need to drink a little more than normal to get through the evening….

I decided to open up Jefferson’s Ocean, 2014, Voyage 5. This is a gimmick from our NDP friends at Jefferson, whereby they take an aged whiskey and ship it off around the globe for a few months to speed up the maturation process. Most expedited maturation processes end up producing poor quality and nothing beats time, but this Bourbon has received some good reviews and accolades so I thought it was worth picking up a bottle, even if it was quite pricey at $80 for a low proof whiskey: 90.

Light Amber color.

Medium heat on the nose, candied sweet potatoes, baked pretzel, skittles, brown sugar cookies. Not getting the salinity that everyone says they are getting but still enjoyable nose.  The second day I tried it the nose was a little more enjoyable that the first day.

The palate has a ton of sweetness, the brown sugar cookies are all over the mouthfeel. It’s enjoyable but not overly complex, nor does the finish last incredibly long.  The second day the palate was the same as the first, perhaps a little smoother, but not any more complex.

To be honest I’m not sure exactly what the aging at sea does–I’d be really curious to try the product side by side that doesn’t have the sea aging to tell. That’s the only way I would be able to tell if it’s worth an extra $50. Jefferson’s Ocean is very enjoyable but overpriced for what it is. image1(9) Would be much better as a cask strength. 85/100.


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