Russell’s Reserve 10: Solid Bourbon, worth picking up

Russell’s Reserve 10: Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, one of the special products made from our friends at Wild Turkey.  Bottled in small batches after 10 years in the barrel and at 90 proof.

This bottle was another one that smelled weird when just opened the bottle.  The more I taste whiskey, the more I think all these whiskeys need to breathe. The first smell after open for just seconds was menthol and heat. Not fair to judge whiskeys so quickly. Everyone should open them and wait at least ten minutes before trying.

Light Amber

Decent heat for a 90 proof, although wore off after the bottle had been open for a week. Charcoal, Werther’s Original, candied peaches, gravel, porcini mushrooms, pencil shavings.  I’m getting more of the earthy mushroomy smells than the sweet smells the second day I tried this by the way…

Definitely a sweet first taste followed by a medium long finish and enjoyable heat.  The oak isn’t as powerful on this one nor are the oak tannins, letting the other flavors come through.

Clearly a sipping bourbon, I didn’t even want to put water in it.

Enjoyable and widely available. I picked this one up for $40 and at that price it’s certainly worth having in your collection. 91/100.



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