1792: It’s okay, it’s cheap, that’s all.

I’m a sucker for a good price and a pretty bottle. 1792 goes into that category.  Small Batch, 93.7 proof.

Medium light Amber

Medium heat on nose, funky mushrooms, wet campfire, menthol, and overripe bananas like the ones my wife promises to make into banana bread but never does and ultimately gets thrown out after being frozen in our freezer for a month or two.

Sweet palate, not complex, medium finish with medium high heat–a little more than expected given the proof level.  There are some oily and wood tannins coupled with a touch of mint on the tongue.

Water brings out menthol on the nose but just dilutes the palate and removes most of the enjoyment.

This is not a bad whiskey for the price but nothing to get excited about.  I don’t know how this got some of the scores or received… It’s just not worthy. The price is pretty good though which is worth a few points. 85/100.IMG_6627(1)


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