Sazerac Rye…. uncomplicated but very enjoyable… A Must Own?

It’s time to go back to Buffalo Trace and another allocated whiskey… Sazerac Rye Straight Rye Whiskey comes in a simple, yet elegant bottle, white writing part of the bottle with a cork cap.  Online I have read the mash bill is 51% rye, 39% corn and 10% malt, and the age to be 6 years.  Neither of these facts, nor any facts at all, are present on the bottle, save the legally required proof of 90.
Gorgeous color, golden amber with a touch of rust

Spicy nose, cinnamon, tulips, BBQ potato chips… you can sense the heat, but just enough to make you care.  The nose invites the taste.

Very nice taste, no oil here, no wood tannins, definitely a younger whiskey.  Very crisp finish, with spice and heat happily warming me up.  The finish is good, but it’s not a highly complicated one.  This is for enjoyment, but not lie back in your leather club chair and roll your eyes back in your head enjoyment.

When adding some water, citrus appears on the nose, mostly orange peel, but the BBQ chips still linger in the background.  The water mellows out the finish, but doesn’t detract… overall I think this is fine to drink neat.  I have not used it for a cocktail, but at this price point it wouldn’t be offensive to do so.
Sazerac Rye is uncomplicated, but very good.  I’m surprised it’s gone on allocation and impossible to find though.  It’s a lovely Rye, and certainly everyone should have one on their bar, but it’s not one that you should be chasing.  I bought this one for $30, and everyone should add this to their collection for that price.  I have seen some obnoxious retailers in NYC selling it for $50+ and they should be embarrassed.

Given the extreme value and high enjoyability factor, and definitely one that belongs on all whiskey cabinet shelves, Sazerac Rye scores very well.  92/100.


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