Barrel Proof Bourbon: The Colonel Strikes Back + that new bottle that needs air?

This is going to be a quick write-up after a very long week…. Great label and presentation. I have all four in a row on my whiskey shelf, look great.  This is the third release, 2014s 129 proof.

Medium dark amber color… looks awesome.

Big pour because long day. Initial smell just heat. Second smell has that new car leather seat smell, corn flakes.

Side note… Has anyone noticed that when you first open a bottle the aromas are muted for a few minutes? After I left it in the glass for a couple minutes the smells really started to come out. I don’t know if it’s similar to wine with introducing oxygen or something totally different but it certainly feels true with most new bottles.

Ten minutes later…. Charred graham crackers, raisin bran, cloves, cornbread… Still good heat but not overwhelming.

At 129 proof it’s hot but lots of sweetness. So much going on. Sweet spices on the tip of the tongue, some orange peel soaked in cloves on the side of the mouth, medium wood tannins and long heat all proving a very good palate and long finish. When the bottle first opened I was preparing for disaster but the longer it was exposed to air, the better it got.  This is something I am going to need to investigate further–I’m curious about other people’s experience with this.

I added a touch of water to the glass and the nose sweetened up and the palate also softened a touch. The water doesn’t change it too much which I appreciated.

This is an extremely enjoyable bourbon. I bought it for $70, but this is one of those bottles that tends to disappear at $70 and reappear on Craigslist for $125. For $70, it’s expensive but good value–remember that’s an equivalent of just under $50 at 90 proof. If you can get it for that price I highly recommend it for your home bar. 92/100.



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