Balcones ready to Rumble: Three Strikes and they are Out!

Ok…. so two bad Balcones reviews and you must be asking why on Earth did try again?  Well, I decided not to buy the bottle this time.  I was traveling this week to DC to visit clients and at the bar before dinner I checked the whiskey menu.  The usual suspects were on it, but they also had Balcones Rumble, so I thought it was worth trying… the company was paying for it anyway, so the downside was limited.

Here are the details from the website:  Crafted from fermented Texas wildflower honey, Mission figs and turbinado sugar, it is twice distilled in traditional copper pots then artfully matured in premium oak casks. The result is an elegant and distinctive spirit we have come to love dearly over the years. Rumble epitomizes the independent spirit of Balcones and continues to inspire us. Join us in embracing this one-of-a-kind Texas creation.

So it’s not really a whiskey, it it is made from sugar, it’s more like a rum, right?  Well, it was on the whiskey menu, it’s aged like a whiskey and seems to be in the whiskey category, so I’ll treat it like one for the sake of this review.  The color is light amber, doesn’t look like it was aged for that long, or more of a function of aged in used barrels.

The nose was all heat, white dog smell again, nail polish remover and salty sea water.  Even though I’m getting weird looks from the clients, I go again and deeper and get a little salt water taffy on the nose now.  The second smell is better than the first, but the bar wasn’t terribly high…

On the plus side, Ramble has the least unpleasant palate of the three I have tasted. It’s hot but not terribly obnoxious like the others. On the other hand, my resistance to the heat may be the fact that I’ve had 5 drinks before I get to the Balcones, but I do get the salt water taffy on the palate.
It’s not good. But it’s not bad. It’s still overpriced.  Strike Three Balcones…. 79/100.

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