First Post and Elijah Craig Barrel Proof 128

Hello and welcome to newbourbondrinker blog.  I am a new bourbon drinker and I thought it would be cool to blog about the different bottles I try.  Historically I have been a wine guy, but starting a wine blog didn’t really appeal to me.  So hopefully others will read this and enjoy my journey from bourbon novice to experienced veteran, and perhaps share some tasting notes along the way.  I am going to try to use the 100 point scale that has become industry standard, and attempt to make my notes useful and not too douchey.

My first bourbon I am trying is the newly released Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.  This is bottled at 128 proof by the Elijah Craig Distillery in Bardstown, KY and I believe it is batch 7.  I had a hard time finding this bottle, as most stores carry the 12 year, although I’ve noticed the newer bottles have dropped the age statement from the front of the bottle.

After the pour the first thing I noticed was the color. A nice dark color, clearly the extra age in the barrel is giving the dark caramel hue.  On the nose you can definitely feel the alcohol, but cedar, breakfast toast and some baking spices are evident.  The 128 proof comes through on the initial taste, but it goes down smooth.  The toast on the nose picks up cinammon and butter on the way down and is complimented by a hint of licorice on the back.  When rolling it around on my tongue I can definitely pick up some oak tannins on this, but very well integrated.  After a couple drops of distilled water it completely mellows, but I miss that bigger feel.  Enjoy this one neat.   93 points.



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